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The Roth Scholarship Foundation was founded by Casey and Sabrina Roth of Victoria, TX.  They are advocates for higher education and passionate about helping people. Their strong desire to make a difference in the community prompted their start of the foundation.  
The Roth Scholarship Foundation partners with post-secondary schools in the community by giving them the scholarship money and letting the institute identify the scholarship recipients. By giving the money directly to the higher educational institute two things are accomplished. First, this ensures a diverse group of people will receive these funds. Second, these funds are dispersed throughout multiple degree plans and certification programs.
Currently, the foundation is partnering with Victoria College and Mid Coast Construction Academy. As the scholarship foundation grows in the community so will partnerships with other post-secondary schools.
Our Mission
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Our mission is simple.

The Roth Scholarship Foundation is dedicated to helping people in our community reach their career goals, which has the added benefit of enriching our community at large.

How Are We Funded

Community Fundraisers

Roth Construction will be hosting an annual community fundraiser that will provide most of the funding for scholarships.

Community Donations

Donations will be accepted throughout the year.